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The Premier Veneer Stone

What is our product warranty?

     We offer a 40 year limited warranty. Stone Crafters will replace defective stone(s) with new materials at no expense to the original owner. Ask for full warranty details and we will be happy to supply it to you upon request.

How does our stone products hold up over time?

          No undesirable changes have come about due to years of weathering.

What kind of surfaces can you install our stone on?

          Our stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface. Complete

          installation instructions can be provided upon request.

Do we do installation?

     We don't do installations but we are more than happy to help you arrange installation with one of our qualified contractors. Call us to find out more.

Can our stone be cut?

     Yes. Our stones can easily be cut and trimmed using a diamond saw blade or nippers and because our stones have a through color, you don't have to dress the edges like other stone products. This saves you time and results in a more attractive installation.

What industry standards apply to our products?

     Our products are manufactured to satisfy all building code requirements and ASTM requirements that apply to our manufactured stone veneer products.

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